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Clothing Boutique

New pieces once a month, all with high quality materials. Unique, different occasion pieces. Can order based on availability or find similar unique pieces. Reasonable / affordable prices.

Jewellery Boutique

Custom, one of a kind jewellery and accessories, handmade, set pieces or rework your pieces.

Personal Styling

What to create a new look? Devy can assist you in finding the optimal clothing and jewelry to compliment your body shape, your skin tone, lifestyle and budget.

Wardrobe Makeover


In person or virtual session. Create a new wardrobe by using clothing and jewellery from your own closet. Stylist, Devy Walker will create multiple outfits. Using your own clothing, shoes and jewellry. Devy will take photos so you can recreate all the outfits she designed for you.


Special Event Makeup Artist


Option of travelling to event location for event makeup

Wedding Makeup Artist


Weddings: Trial session for bride, $50. Actual event day makeup, $100. Other wedding guests makeup for up to $50 (price varies)


Makeup Lessons


1 hour lesson in store. Lesson types include: highlight and lowlighting, custom blend makeup, makeup chart, personalized video tutorials